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How To Add Irish Wedding Music To Your Big Day

Thursday 25th February 2016

St Patrick’s Day is just around the corner (March 17th), which may remind couples with Irish blood to incorporate some of their cultural traditions into their big day.

There are many customs you can include in the special occasion for a particularly Irish feel, from having an Irish menu for your wedding breakfast to locking the groom in the church so he cannot get cold feet and leave.

But when it comes to wedding entertainment, here are some things I think you must do.

Wedding bells

If you’re going for a church wedding, make sure you get someone to ring the bells. These symbolise driving away evil spirits from the marriage, so it is very important in Irish families. If you don’t have use of church bells, you can always have a small bell at the front of the altar to ring – and then you can have it as a keepsake!

Whenever you have an argument in the future, you’re meant to ring the bell to remind you both of the vows you made to one another.


Bagpipes aren’t just for Scotsmen you know, and Ireland loves the wind instrument just as much as its Gaelic neighbour. You might even have players in your family, so make the most of them if you do.

With pipers dressed in Celtic kilts and playing popular Irish songs, your wedding will certainly be the talk of the town if bagpipes are playing as you exit the church as man and wife.

Ceilidh dancing

Again, this isn’t just a Scottish pastime, and Irish ceilidh dancing has been popular in Ireland for a number of years.

You can hire a ceilidh band to rev up the crowd before your London DJ takes to the decks, but make sure they have a good reputation.

Find one that can really get your guests on the dancefloor and in the spirit of things. I recommend having a few dance lessons before the special day, as your friends and family will be looking at you for the moves. 

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