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Most Popular Wedding Gifts Revealed!

Friday 04th March 2016

Once you’ve sorted out your choice of London wedding singer, you can turn your thoughts to what you might like for wedding presents. It can be a lot of fun putting your wedding list together – but what are the most popular gift ideas for couples at the moment?

Analysis from retailer John Lewis has found that luxury items are now the norm for newlyweds, with people choosing to opt for kitchen gadgets, smart TVs and fitness and health products over the more traditional items like towels and kettles, the Guardian reports.

NutriBullets, George Foreman Grills, Sony 65” TVs and Crock-Pot digital slowcookers are some of the top choices at the moment.

Gifts buyer at John Lewis Sara Allbright said: “There is no doubt that couples are becoming more adventurous with what they put on their gift lists. Rather than the traditional mainstays such as a canteen of cutlery or a carriage clock, we are seeing more statement pieces that reflect the personalities and interests of the couple. Some have been known to have two lists, one for the classic essentials and key investment items and the other for quirky, fun things that they don’t necessarily need but do want.”

If you’re having trouble deciding what to put on your wedding gift list, John Lewis has a helpful checklist on its website that could help. Alternatively, what a lot of couples do these days is forgo the actual presents themselves and ask friends and family to contribute to the costs of the honeymoon.

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